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Debating Society

What is a debate?

- A structured argument between teams on controversial topics!
Example topics: Traditional Chinese medicine has no use in modern life / Alcohol should be banned.

OCSEP Debate Preparation

How will it work?
- Once a week, students will meet with Oxbridge and Ivy League tutors; small groups ensure individual attention;
- Students will be given a paragraph that presents a strong opinion;
- Students will read the paragraph out loud, in order to practice speaking;
- Tutors will explain difficult words/phrases to ensure comprehension of the passage;
- Tutors will facilitate a brainstorming session, in which students verbalize possible arguments supporting AND rejecting the opinion they have read.

Why join OCSEP Debate Preparation?
- Gives beginning English speakers confidence in their ability to present an opinion in front of others;
- Gives students familiarity with academic English;
- Enhances the critical thinking necessary for debate°™but also useful when sitting entrance exams;
- Enables students eventually to join the Debating Society, which looks great on Western university applications.

OCSEP Debates

How will it work?
- Every fortnight students will be organized into teams and given topics to research for the debate by the OCSEP coordinator;
- Teams prepare and research arguments for their topic areas, deciding how they will present their arguments and respond to the opposition;
- Teams remotely discuss their research, and receive tuition in debating techniques from OCSEP's current Oxbridge students, who have debating experience;
- The OCSEP coordinator runs the debating session and gives feedback;
- Competition is encouraged within the school, a special debate is held at the end of each term and at the end of the school year debaters have an opportunity to compete against other schools;
- The tuition for 10 weeks' tutoring and debating exercise is 1,500 RMB.

Why debate?
- Debating experience is seen as very beneficial on Western university applications especially to USA and UK where extracurricular activities are deemed essential;
- Improves student's communication skills and ability to use academic English;
- Gives students confidence in their ability to present an opinion in front of others and to think critically;
- Improves students' research and teamwork skills;
- A chance for students to have fun.

If you represent a school or are an interested student please email eca@ocsep.com for further information.


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