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Creative Drama

Creative drama is an improvisational, non-exhibitional, process-centered form of drama in which participants are guided by a leader to image, enact and reflect upon human experience.

How will it work?
Students will receive a ninety minute session each week in medium sized classes.
The classes will be run as a workshop so students will always be engaged in the process and encouraged to expand their abilities. At the end of the semester will be an opportunity to put new skills, confidence and ideas into practice with a performance piece.

Why join OCSEP creative drama?
The purpose of creative drama is to foster personality development and to facilitate the participants' learning rather than to train actors for the stage. Participation in creative drama has the potential to develop language and communication abilities, problem-solving skills, and creativity, and to promote a positive self-concept, social awareness, empathy, a clarification of values and attitudes, and an understanding of the art of theater.

If you represent a school or are an interested student please email eca@ocsep.com for further information.

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