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Academic English (Exciting English)

There are two key areas where students often fall behind which cannot be covered in standard classroom learning. The first is improving oral English particularly modern colloquial language and communication with native speakers. The second is academic writing, as the skills required to write high quality university-style essays are fundamentally different from high school writing and students will be assisted to bridge this gap.

How will it work?
Students will receive a ninety minute session each week in classes of 15-20 alternating between formal academic writing and oral English. Each session will focus on a different attribute of formal writing or oral English so that students get an understanding of various areas.

Why join OCSEP academic writing classes?
Run by a graduate of an Ivy League or Oxbridge University, the sessions will be given by those that have a firm grasp and understanding of what is required from modern academic writing as they have until recently been doing it themselves. Being native English speakers they are also able to explain the intricacies of the language in a clear and understandable way.

Why join OCSEP oral English classes?
Students learn through their education to use formal English, but in everyday life it is informal language and colloquial phrases that are more frequently encountered. These classes and chances to practice will be entertaining for students but additionally be useful for understanding language as it is really used.

If you represent a school or are an interested student please email eca@ocsep.com for further information.

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