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Specialist Lectures

These interactive lectures are designed to be inspirational and interesting as well as giving an idea of the level of detail that a university course provides. Ambassadors will provide specialist lectures from the accessible and interesting parts of their courses.

How will it work?
An Ambassador will deliver six interactive lectures lasting an hour each to students over the course of two months. The following two months will be delivered by a different Ambassador who has studied in a different subject area. The topics covered will be on which the individual Ambassador is an expert, and will therefore vary greatly.

Why join OCSEP specialist lectures?
Students who aim to attend top universities need to have an interest in learning that goes beyond what they are told to learn in the classroom. The specialist lectures give an exciting insight into a particular area of study. This may be of use for those deciding which course they are interested in at university but this is not the primary objective of the course. It is rather to stimulate students to think about subjects that they have not previously touched upon, to encourage them to explore new areas themselves and to stretch their imaginations.

If you represent a school or are an interested student please email eca@ocsep.com for further information.

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