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Creativity is the basis for all advancement in human endeavor and this course encourages students' innate ability to blossom. A creative mind is more imaginative than a non-creative one, able to think laterally and come up with original and innovative ideas. According to the American entrepreneur Steve Jobs, 'innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower'.The course has four distinct components (dubbing, design, art attack and role play), each of which contribute to students' creative skills.

Why join OCSEP Creativity?
Creativity, which ultimately comes from within, can be stifled in an education system that is centred on rote-learning and passing exams, so it is well worth making time to develop artistic and imaginative skills. This society develops freedom of expression through art attack, imagination through role play and dubbing, and ingenuity and innovation through design. All of these are useful skills for the students. In addition, the activities also encourage team work through competition between small groups and increase students' confidence and English language skills.

If you represent a school or are an interested student please email eca@ocsep.com for further information.

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