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Western Culture

This programme provides an insight into western culture through seminars on interesting topics that illustrate important differences between the cultures and patterns of thought of eastern and western people. Students will learn more about the western world from the perspective of a native, helping them to understand better the world outside China and encouraging them in their future endeavours.

Why join OCSEP Western Culture?
Asian students who go to study abroad with little idea of what to expect can be disorientated by the cultural differences. This course will prepare them for life outside their motherland in a way that will inspire them. They will learn about everything from high culture to practicalities, gain a stronger appreciation of the distinctive nature of their own culture, and become familiar with seminars and workshops. Even students who do not want to study abroad will find this course useful, as it will help them understand and communicate with foreigners.

If you represent a school or are an interested student please email eca@ocsep.com for further information.

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