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OCSEP School Ambassador Wanted (Sept. 10, 2018- Dec. 7, 2018)

The Ambassador's role:
1) Teaching.
The main task of an OCSEP Ambassador is to deliver extra-curricular activities (ECA) oriented courses formulated and designed by OCSEP team. The courses include Debate Society, Public Speaking, Creative Drama, Critical Thinking, Western Culture, Green Energy, Oral English, etc. All these courses are done in a workshop/training style with smaller classes compare to typical big Chinese classrooms. The courses share the same goal, which is to develop the students' quality to prepare them for a global future.

2) Competition Involvement.
OCSEP Debate League hosts seasonal tournaments and annual championships. Ambassadors are actively involved in the organization (partially involved in the marketing/promotion and take up the judging role) of the competitions and the related training.

OCSEP National Tournament: http://ocsep.com/events.asp?page=03b
OCSEP Shanghai Int'l Debate Championship: http://ocsep.com/events.asp?page=01a

3) Promotion and Info Session.
OCSEP Ambassadors will be involved in various promotions/tasks from time to time. They are all with the purpose of promoting OCSEP's existing programs (ECA programs, summer programs, winter programs, overseas programs, etc.). The number of attendees of a promotional event ranges from a dozen to hundreds.

4) Other Tasks assigned by OCSEP.
OCSEP shall assign other small tasks like listen test recording, English proofreading, and OCSEP website update discussion. All of these will be within the working hour limit.

Hours of working:
Up to 40 hours in a typical week (generally less), two days (may not be strictly on weekends) off per week.

Xi'an, Shanghai (and possibly more cities). An OCSEP Ambassador will be based in one of the cities and have occasional business travels with promotional/marketing tasks.

Essential qualities: As a vibrant team, OCSE often introduces new ideas and enjoys the new way of team work operations, thus, OCSEP employees are required to be flexible and self-disciplined. OCSEP favors candidates enjoy traveling and exploring. Good presentation skill is a definite plus.

This position provides Ambassador with the skills whichever future career he/she goes onto- teaching, consultancy, business world, etc. It is also a great opportunity for Ambassadors to explore China and to learn or improve Mandarin.

"Something I especially appreciated about working for OCSEP was how much it opened the door for international exchange. I not only learned about Chinese culture and learned to speak some Mandarin, but also met so many people from all around the world who had come to China for a variety of reasons. I enjoyed teaching more creative courses than other English language companies in China allow their employees to teach, because it allowed me to learn from my students as they learned from me. I also appreciated the opportunity to travel to Sichuan province and give a presentation to students at Nanchong High School. At first I was nervous to hear that thousands of students would hear my presentation--either live or from their classroom TVs--but in the end the experience was invaluable for both my professional and personal growth.
Based in Shanghai, I was able to take advantage of the many resources and networking opportunities available there in order to make friends, find ways to spend my free time, and overall achieve a great work-life balance. The Ambassador position requires a lot of independence, patience, and creativity--and in the end, having to navigate my way through Shanghai with this in mind is what made my time with OCSEP such a rewarding experience for me!"
-- Zoë Billington, Senior Ambassador 2015 (From Princeton University)

"I've seen more of China than I'd ever considered, and I have a lot left to see. In the meantime, I feel I've gained a tremendous understanding of the substantial yet subtle differences between people, places, and mindsets. It's something I wouldn't trade for... well, you get the picture."
-- Andrew von Gunten, Senior Ambassador 2014 (From University of Cambridge)

Xi'an, Shanghai (and possibly more cities). An OCSEP Ambassador will be based in one of the cities and have occasional business travels with promotional/marketing tasks.

OCSEP provides competitive stipend package:
1) A flight stipend of up to 5000 RMB for your flight to and from China.
2) 2000 RMB every two weeks for expenses you incur (food, etc).
3) Hotels/Lodging covered at no charge.
4) Work-related business travel within China covered at no charge.
5) A survival Chinese course, along with support from the OCSEP team.
6) Coordinators who are Chinese college students with good English skills will assist you with your teaching.

This post is advertised on careers service websites. Direct applications are welcome. For further information or to apply, please send you resume AND covering letter to: recruitment@ocsep.com

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