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Paid Teaching Summer Position in China, No Mandarin Experience Required -- OCSEP English Seminar Leaders Wanted (Date: Jul. 9, 2018- Aug. 3, 2018 )

If you are a student at a top US or UK University with an interest in teaching English in China, consider applying to our selective and lucrative four-week summer internship. No previous experience is necessary. Some of the best seminar leaders have been new to the role, but previous experience working at summer camps, teaching, or tutoring will be advantageous. Every summer OCSEP employs the best and brightest Oxford, Cambridge, and top US university students to teach at skills-based summer camps across China. We work with schools and language centers in various major cities to put on Western-style academic camps, which focus on building students¡¯ critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity while immersing students in the English language.

Applicants do not need any knowledge of Mandarin, as all teaching will be done in English. A Chinese coordinator will be assigned at each camp location, acting both as a peer and mentor throughout the entire internship. Indeed, we prefer applicants who have not travelled to China, as they will bring a more Western perspective to our camps. For this same reason, knowledge of the Chinese language is not necessary.

If you are accepted, you will be provided:

1. A flight stipend of up to 3000 RMB (~455USD at current exchange rates) for your flight to and from China.
2. 1000 RMB (~152 USD) every two weeks for expenses you incur (food & drink). Living expenses in China are far cheaper than in Western countries, and usually local restaurants charge no more than a few USD per meal.
3. All hotels/lodging covered at no charge.
4. Work-related travel within China covered at no charge.
5. Camp Coordinators, Chinese college students with fluent English skills, provided to assist you throughout the camp sessions.

Seminar Leaders' responsibilities vary depending on the English level of students and the camp location, but generally include:
1. Developing lesson content using PowerPoint as well as participatory activities in English language, based OCSEP¡¯s academic mission of building a set of skills that is widely applicable across subject domains. This mission applies to two main types of camps:

a. The English/Western culture summer camp, which builds skills such as English language ability, academic skills, Western culture workshops and lectures, culture and language activities. These lessons and activities are created around the seminar leaders¡¯ areas of expertise. These seminars go outside of the traditional school curriculum to interesting and advanced areas of study, but are presented in an accessible manner. Students will have the chance to experience different subject areas so that they can explore their academic interests. Held in the style of tutorials/supervisions at Oxbridge these are very small groups focused on encouraging students to think creatively and critically. It also forces students to express themselves rather than merely listening and regurgitating an opinion.
b. The AP Curriculum summer camp, which builds specific AP skills based on seminar leaders¡¯ AP exam experience in the areas of U.S. Government, U.S. History, Art History, Studio Art, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics.

2. Teaching students of various age groups (Elementary, Middle, High School) from (approximately) 9 AM-6 PM for five days a week with two days off.
3. Undertaking other tasks like judging regional debate championships, further developing the English OCSEP website, and reporting on camps upon their conclusion. All of these additional tasks will be given within the working hour limit.

OCSEP was founded in 2008 by Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates who understood the importance of education and an international outlook. The firm was inspired by the desire to help students fulfill their potential by bringing the best aspects of the Western educational system. The firm aims to improve schools and other educational centers by working with them to enhance students' learning experiences with a focus on original content and quality service delivery. OCSEP is currently in the process of developing collaborations with a number of partners in new regions around the world. Working with OCSEP will help students on the path to a bright and exciting future.

The sample schedule for OCSEP Summer 2018 is as follows:

July 4-5: Arrive in Shanghai / Getting Settled
July 6: Orientation / Welcome Party
July 7: Head for campsites
July 9-August 3: Seminars in cities around China
August 4: Farewell party
August 5: Depart China

This experience affords an opportunity to:

1. Gain valuable experience teaching internationally as part of a paid internship that is markedly cheaper than most study abroad programs and highly selective in choosing participants.
2. Be introduced to an international business working environment.
3. Gain an introductory understanding of an important and widely spoken language and a culture of international significance.
4. Travel around China at little to no cost.

To apply, or receive further information, please send a CV and cover letter to recruitment@ocsep.com, or visit http://www.ocsep.com/

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