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2014 OCSEP Summer Programmes

OCSEP offers 15 different programmes in 12 cities with 15 partner schools. The OCSEP team includes 29 Seminar Leaders (SLs) from top western universities, 12 coordinators from top universities in China and four supervisors from OCSEP.

The SLs and coordinators joined OCSEP for eight-week internships this past summer. During this time, the SLs and coordinators became close friends as well as trustworthy team members of each camp. The SLs experienced a bit of a culture shock at the beginning of their internships, but quickly overcame it with the help of their coordinators and supervisors from OCSEP.

The SLs spent their eight weeks working with Chinese students in a variety of programmes and classes that aimed to promote the western way of thinking. The SLs gained teaching experience in an international environment and acted as role models for the Chinese students they taught. According to many SLs feedback, the internship was a rewarding experience. They now have a better knowledge of China and of Chinese people.

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