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Nanchong Summer Camp, 2015
2015-08-16  Hits1029

Nanchong: Nanchong High School of Sichuan

Students' English Level: 3 levels of English for the 1st camp.

Youngest- very basic English. Had to translate most things into Chinese. Age range from 8 to 13. Taught a lot of English learning songs and worked on vocabulary and pronunciation.

Middle- fairly good English. Better understanding than speaking, but also wide range of English levels between students. Age range 13-15. Worked on essay writing, pronunciation, and

Oldest- slightly better English than the Middle class. Also a large range of English levels between students. Taught things like essay writing and pronunciation. 1 level in 2nd camp. Ages 15-17. Very good English, but varying levels. Taught essay writing, some grammar, poetry, American culture.

Apartment/Hotel: 6 Day Inn on Hongguang Rd. Nice, clean. Central location.

Lots of restaurants nearby, but all a little pricey. Food very oily and with lots of MSG. RT Mart downstairs was convenient, though. Students knew most of what we taught about American culture and they honestly probably knew more about American culture than we did.

--- Parker Hibbett

Stanford University

Based in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, 2015


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