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Wenzhou Summer Camp, 2015
2015-08-16  Hits1055

Wenzhou: Global IELTS Language Centre

The school where I taught was an English language center called Global Education, in the European City part of Wenzhou. My students in Wenzhou were between ages 15-18 (the advanced group) and I taught a speaking class every day from 9-11:30. I had between 2-8 students each day but taught the same students for the whole month. Their language skills were high, and many of them were starting college in the fall. My job was to improve their speaking skills and fluency.

Since I was supposed to teach speaking only, I did a lot of discussion, debate, conversation and incorporated some of the Western culture and college life stuff. Some days I taught with a PowerPoint but other days when I had less students, we just had discussions about that day's topic. The school also gave me a textbook which I used to get ideas and topics.

We didn't have a coordinator, but some of the teachers at the school helped us out if we had questions. We sometimes needed help since neither Margaret nor I spoke Chinese.

I stayed at Motel 168 which was a 1-minute walk from the school. In Wenzhou we visited some parks, a mountain and a temple. There's definitely lots of places to see. There was many great restaurant options in very close proximity to the hotel so that wasn't a problem. We weren't provided meals by the school so we ate at restaurants for all our meals, or bought food from the Walmart right next to the motel. Neither of us spoke English so we couldn't use the buses efficiently, and there is no metro system in Wenzhou. However, we took taxis when necessary and it was affordable. There was some fun things to do, we could've done karaoke, gone to the cinema or gone to pubs if we wanted. There was also a gym close by so I even got a membership for two weeks.

I really learned a lot about Chinese culture from just talking to my students, which was great. I also met some other foreign teachers living in Wenzhou who were helpful.

--- Rosa Hamalainen

Stanford University

Based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, 2015


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