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Xi'an Summer Camp, 2015
2015-08-16  Hits1205

Xi'an: SSFBC School Attached to Shanxi Normal University

My students attended SSFBC School attached to Shanxi Normal University and were all incoming freshmen. SSFBC taught the AP curriculum and boasted of preparing kids for the TOEFL and IELTS tests to help them get into Western universities.

The students were of varying English abilities across the 3 classes. As I had the most advanced students they were capable of understanding my speech with minimal difficulty after a short period of adjusting to my pronunciation. They were all avid learners and paid very good attention when I spoke. They were well behaved and diligent students. Only a couple neglected to do what few homework assignments I gave. The school was supportive of our attempts to make class interesting, and while it did not always have air conditioning, it did have sufficient technology for an advanced learning environment. We covered many topics in Xi'an, discussing grammar, western culture, essay writing, power points and presentations, and college life. We had them read from various sources, and watch different types of Western media to get a better sense of English.

Our camp coordinator did a fantastic job helping us experience the city of Xi'an, and we really appreciate her efforts. The teachers at our school and coordinators there were very good about not interfering with our teaching, but sometimes information was not forthcoming about upcoming events.

Our living situation was fantastic, and I was very pleased to be in a rather nice apartment as opposed to even the nicest of hotels. The apartment forced us to interact with local people, which was preferable for me as a student of Chinese. Xi'an was a great city for exploring and fun, made even better by the general lack of other foreigners. The food was fantastic and rather cheap as well. Because of my city coordinator, I learned a lot about the culture in Xi'an and have a great experience in China as a result.

--- Jonathan Tyrone Wilson

Stanford University

Based in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, 2015


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