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European Camps

European Camps

This trip provides students with an excellent opportunity to visit four of the best-known European countries: France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. Each country has a distinct history and culture which the students will experience by spending times in the capitals and major cities. Students will visit major sights, visit interesting places, and have time to shop and enjoy the atmosphere. The cities they will visit (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt) are very distinct from one another, making this trip a highly varied experience which will leave the students with a lasting memory of European culture.

The range of sightseeing activities on this trip reflect the richness of European life and history. In Paris the students will visit famous buildings such as the gothic Cathedral of Notre-Dame and the Sorbonne; they will also have a chance to climb the Eiffel Tower and walk down the beautiful Champs-Élys└es. From the baroque splendour of Louis XIV's palace at Versailles and the priceless art in the Louvre (including the Mona Lisa) to the grimy world shown in the Paris sewer museum, students will experience what this famous and beautiful 'city of love' has to offer. In Brussels, capital of Belgium as well as centre of the European Union, students will visit the fascinating museums of natural science and military history as well as trying delicious Belgian chocolate at Chocolaterie Duval. Amsterdam is a particularly lovely city, and the students will experience its beauty by taking a boat trip on its canals. In Amsterdam they will taste delicious cheeses (not common in China but an essential part of European cuisine) and visit the world-famous Van Gogh museum, where they will learn the tragic story of the painter's life as well as see his most famous works. In Frankfurt, the European Union's financial centre, the students will learn about European finance and banking, which will be very useful experience if they study economics at school. They will also enjoy fantastic views over the city from the 56-storey Main Tower. All in all, this trip is a fantastic opportunity for students to sample European life in four of the continent's most important and vibrant cities.

DAY Details
Day 1 Arrive Paris and rest
Day 2 Paris
Eiffel Tower、Paris sewers、Champs-Élys└es、Arc de Triomphe
Day 3 Paris
La Sorbonne、Notre-Dame、The Louvre and the Mus└e D'Orsay
Day 4 Paris
Day Trip la Defense and Palais de Versailles
Day 5 Paris-Brussels
Shopping; Travel to Brussels in the evening
Day 6 Brussels
Tour and Grand place、European space centre
Day 7 Brussels
Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military
History、Autoworld、Museum of Natural Sciences
Day 8 Brussels-Amsterdam
Chocolaterie Duval; Travel to Amsterdam
Day 9 Amsterdam
(canal) tour、Van Gogh Museum
Day 10 Amsterdam
Diamond factory tour、Nemo science centre、Cheese tasting activity
Day 11 Amsterdam-Frankfurt
Aalsmeer Flower Auction (early morning!); Travel to Frankfurt
Day 12 Frankfurt
Deutsche Bundesbank Money Museum
Day 13 Frankfurt
Explora Technology and Visual Effects Museum、Stock exchange、Climb
Main Tower´
Day 14 Frankfurt
Mathmatikum- math museum、ECB - talk about European union and what
the ecb does
Day 15 Frankfurt/Shanghai
Day 16 Arrive in Shanghai

Duration: winter 2013
Organizer: OCSEP Education

If you represent a school or are an interested student please email camp@ocsep.com for further information.


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